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Artifex Wax makes seals and flexible sealing wax, and other stationery items for the avid correspondent, artists, and bespoke goods.



We've developed a sealing wax that is the most flexible and durable sealing wax available. In addition, our formulation includes essential oils to enhance your experience while melting the wax. Having a pleasant scent increases the pleasure in placing a seal on an envelope or postcard.

While sometimes a quick note is dashed off, more often than not, the act of writing a postcard or letter is a pleasure beyond just the message. Today’s multitude of options for communicating have highlighted the joys of taking the time to compose, then inscribe one’s thoughts in a physical, lasting way. If you enjoy those moments of putting pen to paper and taking the time to order your thoughts for your correspondent, then you may enjoy enhancing it with adding a bit of color as a basis for a favorite seal to be affixed to the letter, postcard, or envelope.

Whether you're a professional scribe, avid mail-artist, or a casual correspondent, Artifex Wax promises to deliver the finest quality wax and paraphernalia for your use.

ArtifexWax Sealing Wax


ArtifexWax Sealing Wax is formulated to withstand postal machines without cracking or damaging the machines. It is a blend of color pigments, natural resins, synthetic polymers, and essential oils, and is tough, resilient, beautiful and easy to use. No one will “Go Postal” at the USPS sorting facility when your Artifex Wax adorned correspondence is run through its machines. We’ve used this formula for a couple of decades and know that it performs well in the real world. 

ArtifexWax sticks provide you with approximately 20 seals per stick. Not quite 6” long, and weighing about half an ounce, it has the advantage of a slender size, but providing enough wax for sealing at least a dozen envelopes before being used up. 

Our vibrant colors come in a standard dozen hues, we’ll be adding more soon. 

ArtifexWax Seals


ArtifexWax Seals are the finest modern seals available today. They are jewelry-quality reproductions of vintage seals, or designed by contemporary artists.

Our seals are constructed to last for a number of lifetimes, and we consider them worthy of being collected and used by discerning practitioners of the sealing wax craft. We use bronze and brass for the seals themselves, and beautiful hardwoods for the handles. 

We curate our collection to bring you distinctive designs that are historic, or created for their beauty and individuality. 

Custom seals can be made from your design, or we'll design from your art direction; making a collectible seal that you will cherish for years to come.

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Whether a sealed envelope, or a sealed container, we could wax poetic about the physical and visual pleasure of melting wax and using a seal to secure the document from prying eyes; or keeping the contents fresh in a bottle or package.


We’ve been involved with writing personal correspondence for a lifetime. Learning to have a personal handwriting style; taking the time to compose a message; and reveling in the paper, pen, ink, and sealing wax has sustained us for a great many years.

ArtifexWax is a partnership of two: Nicholas Yeager and Fera Peterson. We're both involved in the book arts, and Fera is an herbalist whose twin interests blend perfectly with creating essential oil-scented flexible sealing wax. 



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