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Artifex Wax Sealing Wax is formulated to withstand postal machines without cracking or damaging the machines. It is a blend of color pigments, natural resins, synthetic polymers, and essential oils, and is tough, resilient, beautiful and easy to use. No one will “Go Postal” at the USPS sorting facility when your Artifex Wax adorned correspondence is run through its machines. We’ve used this formula for a couple of decades and know that it performs well in the real world. 

Artifex Wax sticks provide you with approximately 20 seals per stick. Not quite 6” long, and weighing about half an ounce, it has the advantage of a slender size, but providing enough wax for sealing at least a dozen envelopes before being used up. 


Our vibrant colors come in a standard dozen hues, we’ll be adding more soon. 

We can produce custom blends for your event’s needs. There is a minimum charge as well as a fee for color matching, but we are happy to accommodate you. 

Royal Blue-Artifex Wax Sealing Wax

SKU: RBA1002
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