This seal shows magnificent engraving; grand in both size and detail. A barred helm affronte (facing forward rather than to the side) denotes a king or a prince of the Royal Blood. Atop is a king’s crown and a splendid panache of peacock feathers, and mantling.

The shield itself bears, on a field of gules (red), a grappling iron device common to the East Prussian Junker Class (Prussian nobility). The shield is supported by two handsome lions rampant guardant (bodies facing and holding up the shield; heads turned aside facing you, the viewer). Beneath all is a motto on a ribbon-like scroll from which hang eight military decorations including The Iron Cross. A seal on the grand scale, truly fit for a King!


This seal is a jewelry-quality casting in bronze from the original seal,  gold plated over the bronze. The turned wooden handle is black walnut, lightly finished.


The original seal was engraved in the nineteenth century in white chalcedony agate.


Seal Face is round, about 1 1/4" in diameter (3.4 cm)

Height, from face to top of handle: 4" (10 cm)

König Seal With Crown and Panache

SKU: K2008