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2022NewStickPNG.png offers you products that will enhance your correspondence experience. Handwritten, typewritten, and artful production of one's self expression is a satisfying way to enhance one's connection with a friend or colleague. Professional calligraphers and graphic designers have need to embellish their work, and sealing wax is a tactile interactive way to engage with one's graphic expression.

Artifexwax sealing wax sticks are designed to be easy to use, and a pleasure to melt because we've added essential oils to each stick. The scents embedded in each stick increase the pleasure of using them: Colors come with their own scents.

Our purpose is to help you create a visua and sensual experience each time you use our products. 

Nicholas Yeager has been involved with the lettering and book arts for over 4 decades. His knowledge and appreciation of the lettering arts. the history of calligraphy and penmanship, and his love for the tactile experience of writing brought him to creating Artifexwax.

We look forward to sharing our products and expertise with you in the future.

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