Sealing Wax


ArtifexWax Sealing Wax is formulated to withstand postal machines without cracking or damaging the machines. It is a blend of color pigments, natural resins, synthetic polymers, and essential oils. It is tough, resilient, beautiful and easy to use. 

No one will Go Postal at the USPS sorting facility when your ArtifexWax adorned correspondence is run through its machines. This formula has been in use for a couple of decades, and we know that it performs well in the real world.

ArtifexWax sticks are almost 6” long, and a stick weighs about half an ounce. Its slender size makes for easy handling. One stick provides enough wax for sealing about 2 dozen envelopes before being used up.

Our vibrant colors come in 16 hues and each is lightly scented with essential oils that release when melting the wax.

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